Finland intensifies ambitious Asia stopover plan

Visit Finland offers more stopover packages for Asians
Visit Finland says it will work with the Finnish travel agency Matka-Vekka to come up with bundled tourism services aimed at attracting more Asian travellers to the country.
An initial 50 packages will be offered on Visit Finland’s website, with Matka-Vekka launching its own stopover programs in 2016.
The initiative is part of the Stopover Finland initiative, which seeks to promote the country as a stopover location for international passengers travelling via Helsinki Airport. Key markets for the program include Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong.
Stopover Finland aims to generate a 45% increase in overnight stays and €80 million in revenue from Asian tourists by 2018. Currently only 4% of passengers flying from Asia to other destinations via Helsinki stop to tour the country.
“So far, only a handful of stopover products have been developed for individual Asian travellers,” said Heli Mende, program director of Stopover Finland at Visit Finland. “An operator was needed that will not only build the service packages but also provide a platform to distribute the stopover packages.”
TTG Asia

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