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Electric Aircraft Association (Sähkölentokoneyhdistys)

Finland invests in electric aircraft testing

As the first electric plane arrives in Finland, the airport operator Finavia signs up to finance development.

The Finnish airport operator Finavia has signed up for cooperation with Helsinki Electric Aircraft Association, the goal being to work towards electric aviation and “obtain information” that can be used for the development and design of airports with electric planes.

The first electric aircraft in Finland arrived at Helsinki-Malmi airport on June 17. After security and other preparations have been carried out, it is expected to make its first flight in July. Finavia is ready to finance its testing and development.

“Data on electric aviation will help Finavia to prepare for future development, for instance with charging infrastructure for batteries. Besides developing renewable fuel, electric aircraft can also be a major step in the fight against climate change,” explains Kimmo Mäki, Finavia chief executive.

Quickly reduce emissions
Finavia says that the cooperation with the electric aircraft association, or Sähkölentokoneyhdistys, is part of its corporate responsibility work and is related to its climate program that “aims to quickly reduce emissions created by operating an airport”.

“Helsinki Airport was able to reduce its emissions to zero last year,” Mäki says. “The rest of Finavia’s airports will reach carbon neutrality in 2020. In practice, carbon neutrality means that emissions won’t grow even though passenger numbers will.”

Mäki says that Finavia is happy with the results so far; few companies can call themselves carbon neutral.

“We are taking climate change and people’s concerns seriously, and we are working persistently to reduce environmental effects.”

The company says it views electric aircraft favourably, saying that “it is important to do both smaller and greater things as well as to influence the millions of details affecting air traffic safety and smoothness.”

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