Finn the chatbot joins Finnair on Facebook

Finnair launches its first artificial intelligence-powered chatbot
Finnair has launched its first artificially intelligent chatbot, called Finn, on its global Facebook Messenger account with the aim of helping customers during their journey.
Finn is constantly learning, the airline explains, and Finnair customers have an active role in training it.
So far, the chatbot knows how to sell flights, knows if your flight is on time, helps to calculate how much baggage can be taken on a flight, and can redirect a customer to the Manage My Booking page to add more services.
Developed together with Caravelo, an aviation solutions company, Finn also answers frequently asked questions. If it can’t, the message will be delivered to a customer service agent for further action.
“Finn understands and communicates in English, but later it will learn more languages and functionalities,” says Rogier van Enk, Finnair’s vice president for distribution.
”Finnish and Chinese are coming up this year. After the initial stage, Finnair is looking to find a home for Finn also in other social media platforms such as WeChat in China.”
Finnair says the chatbot is one example of the new distribution channels enabled by IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) XML-based messaging standard. It claims that Finn is the most technologically advanced NDC-solution in the aviation sector.
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