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Swedish actress Anne Bergstedt (photo: Finavia)

Finnair and Finavia make a movie

The short film has two directors and two actors, from Sweden and Korea, to “create a film about beautiful connections”.

Finnair and the Finnish airport operator Finavia have made a short fiction film about the “meaningful encounters” that take place when people travel.

The 13-minute movie, East and West Side Story, was co-directed by Swedish director Johan Storm and Korean director Wookie and had its premiere at Helsinki Airport on September 6. It can also be watched here.

Made to celebrate the fact that Finnair has been connecting east and west for 35 years, it is “an experimental short film about encounters that only become meaningful once you take a closer look”.

Each director shot a personal perspective of one emotional story, written by screenwriter Danny Sangra. The leading roles are played by Swedish actress Anne Bergstedt, best known for her work in Boardwalk Empire and Black Swan, and Korean Jae Hoon, who has appeared in a number of theatre and film productions in his home country.

Here’s the plot: “SP Novak is a famous American sci-fi writer with a little secret: no one knows who she is. She is about to get her portrait taken for the first time by one of her biggest fans, Johnny, a talented photographer from Seoul. The photoshoot takes place in Helsinki, but things don’t go as planned…”

Made in HEL
The film is the third and final event of the Match Made in HEL concept series, a joint marketing campaign by Finnair and Finavia. In 2015, it turned Helsinki Airport into a skate park for professional skateboarders, and in 2016 a fashion show with seven designers from Europe and Asia took place on the airport’s runway.

“Travel enriches people’s lives and opens new perspectives,” says Johanna Jäkälä, vice president for brand, marketing and customer loyalty at Finnair.

“We see this every day on our flights. Everyone travels for a reason – and all of us carry our own stories with us. The film is about how these stories change when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but also about the need for personal space. Something that is very Nordic.”

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