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Finnair, BA, Delta and others link up with sellers

New technology gives airlines access to all connected travel sellers, and sellers access to all connected airlines.

Finnair, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and the airlines of the LATAM Group will participate in NDC Exchange, a new platform that enables content interoperability across airline distribution systems.

NDC Exchange is “a trusted bridge” between IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) and traditional distribution methods, according to the US-based Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) and the air transport technology multinational SITA.

“By connecting to NDC Exchange we have access to these first movers, as well as other airlines as they join,” says Rich Miller of the corporate booking tool Serko.

“By building a single connection to NDC Exchange, we are being more efficient with our development resources, letting us focus on customer experience rather than content acquisition. We’re excited about the momentum this is getting and can’t wait for the next airline.”

NDC Exchange is a community platform that enables application programming interface (API) connectivity between airlines and sellers such as travel agents, GDSs and OTAs, so that they can exchange messages “easily and cost effectively”, ATPCO says.

It supports shopping, booking and servicing workflows and enables the cross-selling of ancillary services between airlines, and among airlines and sellers.

Using a common data model, it normalises messages regardless of version or format, creating interoperability across the various distribution systems.

Airlines and sellers
Travel sellers can access multiple airlines via NDC Exchange, lowering their costs, according to ATPCO.

“NDC Exchange is a unique industry platform that allows airlines and sellers to advance their NDC programs at a pace that best suits their business needs,” explains Graham Wareham, director of products and solutions for ATPCO.

“With the addition of these five world-class airlines to Air Canada, the exchange has now become a compelling part of the NDC ecosystem. With one simple connection, sellers and other airlines can easily access all five carriers.”

Among other things, NDC Exchange facilitates real-time message translation, enabling airlines and travel sellers to quickly and efficiently connect to the platform regardless of their API. Airlines have access to all connected travel sellers and travel sellers have access to all connected airlines.

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