Finnair cancels over 90 flights on Friday

Cancellations due to strikes at Helsinki Airport
An airport strike and support actions are planned at Helsinki for March 17, from 15:00 to 19:00 local time, which will “considerably impact Finnair’s flights”, the airline warns, with a possible 90 flights cancelled.
The strike is related to a dispute between the Finnish Aviation Union and service sector employer union Palta about the airport’s labour agreements. Finnair itself is not a party in the dispute.
The flag carrier says that the impact will be approximately the same as the strike that took place last Friday.
“This is already the second time we have had to cancel over 90 flights, which is nearly one third of our daily flights on Friday. The cancellations apply to a large share of our domestic and European traffic during the strike time,” says Jaakko Schildt, Finnair’s chief operating officer.
“The cancellations unfortunately again disrupt the travel plans of thousands of Finnair customers. We sincerely apologise for the trouble and concern this is causing to our customers. We hope that the parties to the dispute will reach an agreement as soon as possible.”
Finnair will also make changes to the departure times of certain flights, so that they can be operated outside the strike hours. A list of cancellations and further information is available at
TTG Nordic

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