Finnair frees up travel to and from Lapland

Three-year cooperation signed with tour operators

Finnair and Lapland’s biggest tour operators have agreed a three-year cooperation arrangement for flights to the north of the country for next winter season as well as cooperation in marketing.

Finnair will significantly add to its Lapland flight schedule in November 2014 with the start of the winter traffic timetable. Flights will be added especially from Helsinki to Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo.

The airline says that timetables have been drawn up to provide passengers with good connections between Lapland and European and Asian destinations via Helsinki.

“The demand for traffic to northern Finland comes with growth in tourism, and by offering more flights we want to offer to Finnish and international passengers the possibility to experience the magic of Finnish Lapland,” Rolf Backman, responsible for Finnair’s domestic sales, said.

“Asian tourists represent a growing travel category and they have expressed interest in the Northern Lights, for instance, as well as other Lapland experiences.”

He continued: “We have been in regular conversation with local tour operators and we’ve been trying together to find solutions, with the help of which we can develop Lapland as a travel destination. Cooperation helps us to optimise our traffic for the operating benefit of customers in Finland and those from elsewhere as well as for the whole travel chain. With the help of strong cooperation within that travel chain we can achieve even better sales for Finland as an interesting travel destination.”


[pictured: Airbus A330; courtesy Finnair]