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Photo: Finnair

Finnair launches new Amadeus pay channel

Passengers calling a call centre can now pay for air travel more securely, the tech company says.

Around 15% of flight bookings are still made in airline call centres, but this channel has missed a more convenient and secure payment process, travel tech firm Amadeus says.

This changes with Amadeus Agent Pay, however, and Finnair is the first airline to deploy the solution at its Finland Call Centre and for chat-based customer service agents.

When a passenger calls an airline call centre, it is often to make a last-minute change to their flight, or because they prefer a more personal service. But in the past airlines have had to trade off security against convenience when taking payment.

With customers having to give their card details over the phone either to an agent or an automated voice system, the formality does not always make for good customer service.

This is the motivation behind Amadeus Agent Pay, which allows airlines to take payments more securely while also improving the service. By removing payment from conversation, airline agents can focus entirely on serving customers.

The agents send their customers a link, via SMS or email, to a secure webpage, where the customer can then complete the payment from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The ticket is kept on hold during the process and issued automatically once payment is complete.

First contact
“After seeing the positive impact on customer experience and call resolution times, we have also introduced Agent Pay for our chat-based customer service agents,” said Satu Karaksela, digital customer care manager at Finnair.

“Facilitating payments in this way has allowed us to resolve many more customer queries on first contact, improving customer service and freeing up agents’ time. We’re also testing Agent Pay at the airport.”

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