Finnair to add planes to meet demand

Carrier to double Asian traffic ahead of schedule
As it attracts more passengers from Asia, Finnair is hunting for more aircraft to add to its fleet. The Finnish carrier aims to double its Asian traffic two years ahead of schedule.
“We are currently looking for some additional [Airbus A321s],” chief executive Pekka Vauramo said in an interview with Reuters during the annual IATA meeting.
Finnair publicises its routes via its Helsinki hub as the shortest route between Europe and northern Asia.
It already has six A321s on order with deliveries starting next year but is now looking to lease more. It needs to boost its short-haul fleet despite competitors like Lufthansa seeing less demand since the recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels.
Vauramo claims that many customers have shifted to destinations to Spain and the Nordic countries. “The impact has still been fairly small on us,” he said.


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