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Photo: Visit Greenland

Finnair to fly to Greenland

This summer, Finnair will operate charter flights between Germany and Greenland on one of the company’s A321s.

It will be a new sight for Greenlanders when Finnair aircraft start appearing on the runway at Kangerlussuaq Airport next month.

The Finnish flag carrier does not normally fly to Greenland’s largest airport, but this summer it will be operating charter flights to and from the airport in the south-eastern corner of the country, Routes Online reports.

In collaboration with a tour operator, it has planned four rotations with charter passengers, and the departure airport will not be from its base in Helsinki but from Hanover in northern Germany.

The four rotations will be made on July 26, August 2, August 12 and August 29. All will be operated with one of Finnair’s A321s with the fuel-saving sharklets.

Charter wave
The charter flights from Germany are only a small part of the range of charter flights due to and from Kangerlussuaq this summer.

Last summer there were also numerous flights there, which peaked during August. The summer’s busiest day at the Greenlandic airport was August 17, when the airport handled as many as 100 operations and 2,500 air passengers – mainly due to charter arrivals.

On that day, there was a visit by a Boeing 767-300 from the UK’s Titan Airways to fly cruise passengers to and from Paris. In addition, there were four B737s that made rotations starting from Paris and Ottawa in Canada. Usually, Kangerlussuaq receives the greatest number of charter flights from Paris and Düsseldorf.

The charter traffic last summer ended on September 24, when the last plane took off with cruise passengers. And now the aircraft are gradually returning.

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