Finnair to give away more Europe routes

CEO: “I believe that it is totally realistic to find partners”

Struggling Finnair continues to look for other airlines to manage its less profitable European routes, according to the airline’s chief executive. It has already given away the operation of a third of its routes within Europe to the British low-cost carrier Flybe. Finnair had expected to bring in another partner by this summer, possibly from outside Europe. However, the tough economic conditions have forced most airlines to freeze investment, preventing them from accepting such ventures.
“There are more sellers than buyers”, the airline’s CEO, Mika Vehvilainen, admitted to the business magazine Talouselama. “However, I believe that it is totally realistic to find partners. We have to solve the cost problem. The aim is to move to partners either a part of the European traffic or all of the European traffic – that is what we are focusing on.”