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Finnair unveils first Japanese signature menus

Tokyo-based chef Rika Maezawa creates “modern yet nostalgic vegetable-centric meals”

With five new seasonal signature menus to be served in its business class from Tokyo to Helsinki from tomorrow, Finnair is continuing its Signature Chef program. The menus are by the airline’s first Japanese Signature Chef, Tokyo-based Rika Maezawa.

Opening her first restaurant in Tokyo in 2003, Rika Maezawa has a food philosophy with a strong focus on vegetables and seasonal flavours from Japanese home cooking.

She also takes her inspiration from Japan’s history – as far back as the Edo period from 1603 to 1868. She has also absorbed overseas influences to create “modern yet nostalgic vegetable-centric meals that go beyond the conventional boundaries of Japanese cuisine”, the airline says.

“Beautiful Japanese sceneries from each season are incorporated into these inflight meals,” the chef explains.

“Through my cuisine, I would like to share with travellers the unique Japanese sentiments and sense of season. I have used ingredients from both Japan and abroad so that it may taste familiar to both Japanese and non-Japanese customers.”

Important role
Finnair launched its Signature Chef program in 2013 and since then has worked with a series of acclaimed chefs who have created their own Signature Menus for the carrier’s business class.

Maarit Keränen, head of inflight service at Finnair says the airline is “very delighted about our new cooperation with our first Japanese Signature Chef, Rika Maezawa. Food plays an important role in our customer experience, and I am sure our customers will enjoy the Japanese seasonal flavours that Ms Maezawa’s meals will bring onboard.”

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