Finnair’s “Nordic vision” for food

Airline readjusts flight and lounge meal services
Finnair is to reassume control and responsibility for preparing and developing the meals for its flights, by buying and renaming its meal service provider.
The airline and its meal service provider LSG Sky Chefs have signed an agreement where the catering company LSG Sky Chefs Finland operating at Helsinki Airport will be transferred to Finnair’s control.
Finnair and LSG have been negotiating since November about new forms of cooperation, as LSG Group has not exercised its purchase option for LSG Sky Chefs Finland.
Soon, the name LSG Sky Chefs Finland will change to Finnair Kitchen and become part of the airline’s Customer Experience unit. The company has been under LSG’s control since 2012. Mikko Tainio, previously responsible for ground operations, has been appointed managing director.
“Inflight meal and beverage services are significant for our customer experience, and developing this experience is a crucial part of our strategy. Now we have better possibilities to develop our service according to our Nordic vision,” Tainio explained.
Meanwhile, Finnair has chosen Fazer, the well-known Finnish food, café, bakery and confectionery brand, as its partner for all three of its lounges at Helsinki Airport, effective from July 1.
“Our lounges at Helsinki Airport are an important part of our customer journey and the unique Nordic customer experience we want to offer,” said Sari Nevanlinna, Finnair’s head of ground experience and ancillary.
“Fazer […] have extensive experience in the café and catering business, and are a great match to our Nordic vision. In our Premium lounge we will, for example, have a Fazer chef preparing meals for customers from fresh seasonal ingredients in front of the customers.”
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