Finnish airports enjoy record-breaking year

Airport operator Finavia reports more than 19 million pax in 2011

The total number of passengers at Helsinki Airport approached 15 million (14.9 million) in 2011, a 15.5% increase on 2010, airport operator Finavia says, making it a record-breaking year at the Finnish capital. At all airports operated by Finavia, a similarly record-breaking 19 million passengers were recorded, up 16% on the previous year. New connections were the driving force behind the figures, the company explained, especially direct routes from Helsinki to Asia and North America. The arrival of American Airlines and Flybe also added to the results and Norwegian continued to enlarge its presence in the Finnish market.
Domestic passenger traffic at Finavia airports increased by 22.4% (5,468,000), international passengers by 13.7% (13,620,000). The company operates airports in Lapland (Enontekiö, Ivalo, Kemi-Tornio, Kittilä, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi), where passenger volumes grew by 16.4% to 1,042,000. The UK is the biggest charter flight market for Lapland, with France second. Passenger numbers at Oulu, Turku and Lappeenranta (39%, 5.7% and 90.3%, respectively), while increases at Vaasa and Tampere were 18% and 6.5%.
The Moddie Report
[pictured: Rovaniemi Airport; courtesy Finavia]