Finns warned to leave phones at home

“Don’t speak on the phone about confidential matters abroad”
Finns going to other countries for work or leisure are being advised to leave their mobile devices and laptops behind – for security concerns.
Finland’s Security Intelligence Service, or Supo, is concerned about the lack of security in foreign networks. It’s best not to travel with phones or other devices at all, it says, but if Finns can’t do without them they should exercise caution.
People “should not speak on the phone about confidential matters abroad”, Supo spokesman Tuomas Portaankorva says, as networks may not be secure.
There is a risk of malware and the possibility that foreign security services can access phone and SIM card data when using networks in other countries.
“The advice to leave phones at home especially applies to work phones, but I wouldn’t really want to take my phone to certain countries either,” Portaankorva says.
A week ago, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs published a report saying how Russia has become a greater threat to Finland, especially in the energy sector.
Yle / BBC


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