Fire erupts on ferry in Norway

Ferry sails road link with 23 daily departures
A fire on one of Norway’s many car ferries that erupted at the weekend has been brought under control, with no danger that fuel and oil on board could catch fire.
MF Strand was built in 1982 and is now owned by Norled to ply the Ranavik-Skjersholmane ferry service on road 544 south of Bergen. The line has up to 23 daily departures in each direction for a crossing that takes 40 minutes.
The ferry was docked at Wärtsilä in nearby Rubbestadneset when powerful the fire started on Saturday morning. More than 400 residents had to evacuate their homes because of the thick smoke but were later able to return to their homes.
About 40 firemen from across the area rushed to the scene. There were no reports of any casualties, but the fire took all day to extinguish.
“The drama is mostly over. The fire is under control in the sense that it is not spreading further”, an operations manager told news agency NTB.
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