Fire in Norway-bound plane, three injured

Three passengers hurt in scramble at Turkish airport

Three people were injured after a fire broke out in the cockpit of a Norway-bound Boeing 737-800, shortly before take-off in Antalya, Turkey. The charter flight operated by the Turkish-Dutch carrier Corendon Airlines was evacuated, but not before a number of passengers suffered smoke inhalation. In the chaotic scramble for the exits, two passengers each broke a leg and a third suffered a shoulder injury.
Passengers alleged that the pilots and crew ran from the plane before the passengers were able to escape.
The aircraft was bound for Trondheim with 158 passengers on board.
“When we noticed the smoke, we all wanted to get out, but the crew asked us to stay seated,” 30-year-old Tone Østensen said. “It was only when we actually saw flames that they realised it was serious, and so they left the plane all of a sudden, before the rest of us.”
[photo courtesy Trondheim Airport]