First AI-powered direct hotel bookings

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Hotel technology provider Avvio to showcase Allora at WTM
Hotel technology provider Avvio will showcase Allora, the world’s first direct booking platform powered by artificial intelligence, at WTM London later this year.
Allora uses machine learning to constantly improve the booking experience and increase conversions, focusing on driving direct bookings and guest loyalty by orchestrating what Avvio says are better online interactions between hotels and guests.
Allora relies on learning models to analyse large volumes of data, and identify which variations will yield the best booking engine configuration.
In this era of exponential data, hotels sit on huge tranches of information they typically don’t have the manpower to crunch. Avvio says Allora does this for them, while building on insights from the Avvio hotel network.
This means that each hotel can learn from similar properties to improve their performance much more quickly than if they relied only on their own data.
“Hotels can benefit from collective learning,” Avvio co-founder and CEO Frank Reeves explains. “With bigger data you unearth better patterns more quickly, and rapid feedback leads to greater innovation. “It enables each hotel to build on insights from across our network, and drive precision with their own data.
Reeves will lead a presentation on AI at WTM London on Tuesday November 7, while Avvio’s stand number is TT355.
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