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photo: Nordic Seaplanes

First ever flights from Copenhagen to Skagen

Coming up with a way of rerouting summertime capacity, Nordic Seaplanes has announced a novel weeklong holiday route.

Nordic Seaplanes has announced a summertime route between Copenhagen and northernmost tip of Denmark for holidaymakers to get better access to the area during the festivities of what’s known as Hellerup Week.

The flights are to Skagen, a port town at the northern end of the Jutland peninsula, and will take place as one daily rotation from Monday to Friday in mid-July.

It typically takes about half a day to travel from Copenhagen to Skagen, but the trip will be far quicker with the first direct Copenhagen-Skagen flight route in history, reports.

The twin-engine Twin Otter seaplanes will fly north from the Danish capital throughout week 29, staying in the air for about one hour before landing on the water and chugging into Skagen Harbour.

Nordic Seaplanes, which usually flies between Copenhagen and its base in Aarhus, says that because of the time and related costs it would normally take to reach Skagen, the flights will be an affordable travel alternative.

Efficient diversion
The business-heavy Aarhus-Copenhagen route faces a lull during the peak summer period, so it is hoped that the flights to Skagen will be an efficient diversion for the company.

“Our traditional customers are businesspeople and many of them are on holiday in July. So we were looking for a destination where we could meet a need for flights,” Lasse Rungholm, chief executive of Nordic Seaplanes, explains.

“Skagen is an incredibly beautiful place and attracts many Copenhagen guests every year, especially in week 29. We saw the potential of offering flights to those who would like to escape six or seven hours on the highway or save the three to four hour trip takes if you fly to Aalborg.”

Departure from Copenhagen Harbour during the week is at 18:15 with an arrival in Skagen at 19:15. Passengers are also promised a sightseeing flight over the area. The return trip leaves Skagen at 19:45.

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