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Image of the cruise ship rollercoaster (Carnival Corp.)

“First rollercoaster at sea” to launch

Cruise lines are doing their upmost to better each other in offering adventures that have never been seen before at sea.

The first rollercoaster at sea will be launched on board Carnival Cruise Line’s upcoming XL-class vessel Mardi Gras, TTG reports.

Bolt, as the coaster is called, features almost 250 metres of twists, turns and drops and will offer guests “a heart-pounding rush of adrenaline” as they speed along at 65 kilometres per hour, the cruise line says.

The open-air electric rollercoaster will seat two riders in a motorcycle-like vehicle racing up and down a track 57 metres above sea level around the funnel of the ship, which launches in 2020.

The ride will begin with a launch sequence and race-car-like levels of acceleration, Carnival claims, and the experience culminates with “a high-powered hairpin turn around the 5,200-guest ship’s funnel”.

The attraction will allow riders to experience “breath-taking 360-degree views”, Carnival says. Guests can choose their own speeds and will have their photo taken during the experience for a souvenir.

Second ship
Mardi Gras will be the line’s “most innovative ship ever” with some “truly special features and attractions” highlighted by the creation of Bolt, Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line, says.

The ship will homeport in Port Canaveral, Florida, and itinerary information will be revealed early next month.

A second XL-class ship will start construction in 2020, to be delivered in 2022 to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Carnival Cruise Line.

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