Flight delayed as scorpion stings passenger

Scorpion boarded Alaska Airlines plane in Mexico
A plane due flying from Los Cabos in Mexico to Portland, Oregon, via Los Angeles, was delayed before it got off the ground when a scorpion stung one of the passengers.
The incident happened as the Alaska Airlines flight was taxiing for take-off at Los Angeles Airport on Saturday. The woman brushed the scorpion away after the sting and killed it by stamping on it.
The Boeing 737 returned to the gate where medics treated the woman. The other passengers stayed on board while the crew checked for other scorpions. The plane departed almost an hour late.
“We don’t know exactly how the scorpion made it on the plane, but the flight did originate in Los Cabos, Mexico, where scorpions are known to live,” airline spokesman Cole Cosgrove said.
Scorpion stings are painful, but mostly harmless. Only 30 of around 1,500 scorpion species can give a potentially fatal sting.

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