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Flight search by temperature to find best destination

Norwegian launches a new temperature-based search function to find suitable destinations from the UK.

Norwegian has launched a new feature on its website that allows customers to find their next destination based on their preferred temperature. For now, it is available to prospective passengers flying from the UK.

Holidaymakers now have a different way to choose from Norwegian’s more than 40 destinations from the UK by selecting from a temperature range on a route map to filter destinations – a feature the airline says is a first from a low-cost carrier in the UK.

The destinations on the map include the first direct low-fare flights between the UK and Buenos Aires and Singapore as well as 11 cities in the US.

The digital route map can filter destinations based on the user’s desired temperature at the time of travel. Users can select a temperature range in the filter menu, which ranges from minus 15 degrees Celsius to 30+ degrees. The map also supports temperatures in Fahrenheit.

Filter further
In addition, users can filter destination results from their airport based on month of travel, budget limit and type of destination.

Considering destinations from London Gatwick in winter, for example, the airline flies beyond the Arctic Circle to Tromsø and Rovaniemi and to cities in warmer climates year-round such as Tenerife, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

“By investing in enhancing our website, our new digital route map can not only make our expanding global network and lowest fares more visible to customers but also makes it much easier to decide where to fly with us next,” said Thomas Ramdahl, chief commercial officer at Norwegian.

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