Flights hit as “historic blizzard” nears US

Hundreds of flights cancelled as monster storm approaches



Extreme weather is on the way for the north-eastern USA including New York, Boston and other cities in the region, the BBC is reporting. A “potentially historic blizzard” could dump up to 90cm of snow on New York, forecasters say. Flights are already being cancelled ahead of the storm, with thousands of passengers expected to be affected.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is warning this could be the city’s biggest ever storm, telling residents to “prepare for something worse than we have seen before”. The blizzard is expected from Monday into Tuesday, with heavy snow forecast from Philadelphia to Maine. The biggest snowstorm ever to hit New York was in 2006 when 68.3cm of snow fell.


[pictured: Great Blizzard of 2006; licensed under public domain via Wikimedia Commons]