Floods hit Thailand tour operators

Floods engulfe the historic temples of Ayutthaya

The floods affecting Thailand are drowning local businesses, including tour operators who depend on plentiful incoming tourism. The flooding this monsoon season is the worst for 50 years, affecting 2 million people and killing at least 200. A number of major dams are near their breaking point, according to the Royal Irrigation Department. Storms and heavy rain in recent weeks have resulted in floods in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia and the Philippines. In Thailand, floods have now engulfed the historic temples of Ayutthaya.
Thai tour operators have pleaded with the government for help. Many are calling for low-interest loans, suggesting a THB1 million credit line for each company to make emergency repairs. “In order to clean up the mess and recover business quickly, we urge the Tourism and Sports Ministry to give financial support to us in the form of low-interest loans,” Charoen Wangananont, president of the Association of Thai Travel Agents, told the Bangkok Post.
[pictured: Ayutthaya, Thailand]

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