Flying has never been safer, report says

Just two deaths per 100 million pax on commercial flights in US

The last 10 years have been the safest in history of aviation in the US, with 153 fatalities during the full decade. That’s only two deaths for every 100 million passengers on commercial flights. An Associated Press analysis of US government accident data reveals a big improvement, compared to a decade earlier when “passengers were 10 times as likely to die when flying on an American plane.” The figures exclude acts of terrorism.
People are actually more likely to die while driving to the airport than flying across the United States. The mortality rate for travel by car is eight times bigger than it is for planes.
Some of the reasons for the improvements: new planes and engines designed with prior mistakes in mind; databases that help pilots and regulators track incidents and near misses; safety audits by outside groups and companies, such as IATA; and an experienced US workforce.
[pictured: US Airways A319; courtesy Star Alliance]