Flying with kitchen oil

KLM fuels planes with old cooking oil

Starting in September, KLM will begin more than 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam using biofuel made from used cooking oil, in order to curb carbon emissions. The EU has set carbon emissions limits for 2012 to encourage airliners switching to clean energy, lighter airplanes and fuel efficient flight patterns.
KLM will not have to make any changes to its aircraft engines to use the new biofuel. In 2009, the airline company successfully flew 40 passengers for an hour and a half with one engine filled 50 percent biofuel mix.
Airplanes account for about 3 percent of greenhouse gases, and their share of global emissions grows quickly. Virgin, Air New Zealand, Air Japan and Continental Airlines have previously completed similar demonstration flights using biofuel mixes.
The Huffington Post
[pictured: Used cooking oil bin]

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