Fog and crash landing cause chaos in Poland

Freak heavy fog and emergency landing cancel hundreds of flights

A freak combination of heavy fog and the closure of Poland’s biggest airport following an emergency landing have resulted in hundreds of flights being cancelled or delayed. As reported, a LOT-operated Boeing 767 flying from the US with 230 passengers onboard made a dramatic emergency landing at Warsaw Chopin Airport on Tuesday when its landing gear failed. Although no one was hurt, the incident resulted in the temporary closure of the airport. Then, on Wednesday morning, thick fog descended on Poland’s second biggest airport in the city of Krakow and smaller ones in Lodz and Poznan, heavily delaying takeoffs.
“We have told airlines that the airport will be closed until 4am on Thursday,” a Warsaw airport spokesperson said.
But passengers are angry. “Almost all seats are occupied, I can’t even stretch my legs,” said one at Warsaw Chopin. “I’ve been waiting in line for two-and-half hours now, changing with my son. Our flight to Moscow is lost. There is zero organisation. We want our money back.”

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