Foreigners book holidays departing from Russia

Package tours to Thailand much cheaper from Moscow
The fall in the Russian currency the rouble has produced a curious trend – a dramatic rise in the number of package tours departing from Moscow that are booked by foreigners taking advantage of the lower prices.
At the moment, demand for holidays from Russia is mainly coming from German citizens and people from the Baltic countries. The cost of a package to Thailand leaving from Russia starts at around 27,000 roubles (€308) – half the price of a similar tour in Europe, press reports say.
Since November, more than 360 package tours with flights from Moscow have been sold to foreign clients. Previously there were just a handful of such cases.
The number of Russian citizens going abroad has fallen dramatically due to the drop in the value of the rouble and flights to Turkey and Egypt being suspended.
Also slightly more non-Russians are flying via Moscow or St Petersburg due to cheaper fares – up 4% since December.
Kommersant / The Moscow Times

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