Four dead in Kenya tourist plane crash

Fatal plane accident occurs in Masai Mara national park

A light aircraft belonging to Mombasa Air, carrying mostly tourists, has crashed in Kenya’s popular Masai Mara national park, killing up to four of the people on board including two German tourists. The two Kenyan pilots also died, according to local police chief Peterson Maelo. Reports are still coming in, but according to a report by AFP there were four survivors from the US. The plane was carrying between 12 and 14 people in total. Six were seriously injured.
The accident occurred as the pilots prepared to land at Ngerede Airstrip near the Mara Safari Club. The airstrip’s manager, Daniel Jivai, claims that the plan was wobbling before it came down.
“When we saw it coming down, there was a swift response from hotel personnel, tourists and other visitors around, and we managed to put out a small fire on one of the engines,” he said.
[pictured: Mara River in Kenya]