France and Germany tackle Airbnb

Airbnb paid under €100,000 in taxes in France in 2016
France and Germany are teaming up to deal with an “unacceptable” tax situation for home-share website Airbnb as well as other digital platforms like Google and Amazon.
“These digital platforms make tens of millions in sales and the French Treasury gets a few tens of thousands,” protested France’s economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, at the country’s parliament.
He added that the two European powerhouses would come up with a joint plan to fix the “unacceptable” situation and present it at the next EU ministerial council on September 15.
Airbnb paid less than €100,000 in taxes in France last year, but more than 10 million French people used the site.
“Airbnb has the right to operate in France. But we have the right to demand from Airbnb and all the other digital platforms a fair contribution to the French treasury,” Le Maire said.
He criticised moves by the EU Commission and OECD to solve the tax question, saying they were “taking too much time, it’s all too complicated”.

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