France hit by wave of transport strikes

France’s transport system into chaos again
Another wave of strikes and protests has thrown France’s transport system into chaos again this week.
New labour reforms were passed last week – without parliamentary approval – but unions and protesters are not giving up. The country’s airports, trains, ferry and other services are affected.
In air travel, a strike by technicians, engineers and air traffic controllers has caused delays at both of Paris’s airports since Tuesday. On top of that, there is a 24-hour strike starting at 11:00 on Thursday.
A rail strike, called by two out of four rail workers’ unions, is taking place until 08:00 on Friday morning, with a limited service running. On the Marseille-Nice line, for example, just one out of eight scheduled trains will be running.
Buses are also affected. Road blocks mounted by truck drivers have caused tailbacks mainly in the north of the country, Marseille and Bordeaux. In Paris, a march is expected to stop traffic on Thursday, from the Place de la Nation to Place d’Italie.
Meanwhile, port and dock workers’ unions called two 24-hour strikes this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, which are likely to hit ferry routes.
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