France is “clear target” for terrorists

Head of French intelligence makes stark warning
France is “clearly targeted” by terrorists affiliated to the Islamic State group, who could launch a wave of bombings in places where big crowds gather, the country’s internal intelligence chief warns.
DGSI agency Patrick Calvar made the comments at a parliamentary committee hearing on national defence on May 10, some of the text of which was made public on Wednesday, before the loss of the EgyptAir plane flying from Paris to Cairo. The Euro 2016 football tournament begins in France in a few weeks.
“We know that Daesh (Arabic acronym for Isis) is planning new attacks – using fighters in the area, taking routes which facilitate access to our territory – and that France is clearly targeted,” he said.
Isis has suffered military setbacks in Syria and Iraq and wants to take revenge for airstrikes by anti-Isis coalition members, including France, Calvar noted.
“We risk being confronted with a new form of attack: a terrorist campaign characterised by leaving explosive devices in places where big crowds gather, multiplying this type of action to create a climate of panic,” he said.


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