Freak wave behind whale-watching tragedy

Investigators have revealed the cause of the sinking of the whale-watching boat in Canada on Sunday, which killed six tourists. As passengers crowded on one side of the top deck to look at sea lions, a freak wave hit the other side of the boat.
Canada’s transportation safety board questioned some of the 21 survivors of the accident, which took place near Vancouver Island. Five of the victims were British and one was Australian, all of whom had been standing on the open top deck. The ages of the dead ranged from 18 to 76.
“We know that most passengers were on the top deck on the port side,” said Marc-André Poisson, the board’s director of marine investigations. “This would have raised the centre of gravity, affecting the vessel’s stability. We also know that the sea conditions were such that a wave approached from the starboard quarter […] We know that the vessel broached and then capsized.”
Poisson stressed, however, that the final conclusions could take months. “None of this preliminary information should be used in isolation to draw any conclusions at this point,” he said.
The Guardian