Fredrikshamn-Gothenburg ferry collides with tanker

Sudden collision leaves large gash in side of ferry
A passenger ferry making its way into the port of Gothenburg from Fredrikshamn, Denmark, with around 600 people on board collided with a fuel tanker early on Sunday morning. The collision left a large gash in the side of the ferry, but no one was injured.
Passengers on the Stena Jutlandica woke up suddenly at around 2:30am when the tanker carrying 12,000 tons of diesel and gasoline appeared to run into it near the island of Vinga near Gothenburg.
The crash left a hole in the hull, which began letting in water, but the vessel made it to the safety of the harbour.
An investigation has been launched to see if either of the captains is at fault. But Niclas Mårtensson, Stena Line’s deputy chief executive, said he was certain that “it was the tanker that hit us, not the other way around,” he told news agency TT.
The Local / TT