French air traffic strike causes chaos

Flights to, from and overflying France affected
A large number of flights are being cancelled during the first half of this week as French air traffic controllers go on strike. Low-cost airlines in particular have criticised the action, with Ryanair calling it “selfish”.
Hundreds of flights are being cancelled across Europe. With the likes of British Airways and easyJet axing flights scheduled for today and tomorrow.
Ryanair released a statement demanding that the French government and EU Commission “take action to prevent European consumers regularly being held to ransom by tiny numbers of ATC workers, who disrupt not only flights to and from France, but those overflying France, meaning ordinary travellers whose flights neither take-off from or land in a French airport are also suffering cancellations and delays.”
It urged customers to sign its Keep Europe’s Skies Open petition.
For their part, the controllers are protesting staff cuts, which the union UNSA says are unrealistic due to the operational needs of control centres.
City AM