Fumes overcome crew on 787

TUI investigates after emergency on flight from Orlando
Tour operator TUI has launched an investigation after two crew members and 25 passengers on a flight from Orlando were affected by nausea and dizziness shortly after take-off.
The Thomson Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner had just left Florida for Bristol, UK, when two cabin crew members reported feeling ill.
The aircraft, which had 287 passengers on board, dumped fuel and returned to Orlando 45 minutes later. Four people were taken to hospital and the rest received medical treatment at the airport.
A specialist chemical hazards team checked the plane, but it remains unclear what caused the emergency. The 787’s new design means that unlike conventional aircraft, it does not draw cabin air in from the engines, making fumes from them unlikely to be the cause.
An airline spokesperson said that investigations into the cause were being conducted, adding: “The safety of our customers and crew is of paramount importance to us and we would like to reassure everyone that events such as these are rare.”
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