Fun alternatives to skiing, from bikes to kites

Snowkiting, ski joering, snowscooting and a yooner…

There’s more than one way to get down a mountain, newspaper The Guardian suggests. Ski joering has taken off in Les Arcs, France, for example, at €50 per outing. Originating in Scandinavia, you are in skis but harnessed behind a horse or dog and pulled along.

Airboarding in Verbier, Switzerland, involves sitting in an inflatable sledge with handles you cling on to as you speed down a slope on your stomach at up to 100km/h. A two-hour initiation and ride evening, including aperitif, costs €30 at

In Avoriaz, France, a yooner is a seat on a ski, basically a cross between skiing and tobogganing. There are inbuilt shock absorbers to protect your spine. A 30-minute descent costs €20, at

The newspaper also recommends snake gliss in Valloire, France (a toboggan connected to 15 other people), snowbiking in Neukirchen, Austria (mountain biking with short skis instead of wheels), Skki Trikke (like skibiking but with your feet on individual short skis) and snowscooting (a board with handles).

In Haugastol, Norway, try snowkiting, which “involves harnessing the wind via a kite while still on your skis or snowboard and using the extra power to travel faster, further or up into the air” – “not exactly a practical – or safe – way of getting down a piste”. The company EKVIP runs a two-day course from NOK 2,399 (around €266), including instructions and kite kit but not ski rental. Accommodation can be arranged through Haugastol Tourist Centre.

The Guardian

[pictured: Snowkiting in Haugastol, Norway]


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