Further complications with the A380

Complications with steering forces Qantas to delay takeoff twice

Complications with the steering forced a Qantas Airways Airbus A380 to postpone takeoff on two occasions before the plane finally launched from London’s Heathrow Airport to Singapore, five hours late. But the airline insists that the issue is not related to the A380 wing cracks that have led to comprehensive checks on this aircraft type.
“It was due to the steering issue,” a Qantas spokeswoman said. “It has no relation to the cracks in the wing ribs at all. Our engineers were able to fix the issue, so we don’t have any further concerns.”
Dr Faye Smith, business development director at the Royal Aeronautical Society, was onboard. He told Reuters: “Technical issues with the nose gear meant the pilot had to abort take off and have us towed off the runway for repairs twice. On both failed occasions we were on the runway, started to build up speed for take-off and then suddenly felt deceleration and we stopped on the runway.”
[photo courtesy Qantas Airways]

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