Further Lufthansa strikes possible

Union threatens more strikes if Lufthansa doesn’t give way
Lufthansa’s hugely damaging weeklong cabin-crew strike may be at an end, but already the union that organised it is threatening more walkouts if the airline refuses to give way.
The head of the UFO union, which represents Lufthansa’s 19,000 stewardesses and stewards, told a crowd of cheering protestors at Frankfurt airport that further action was a possibility.
“If management doesn’t change, then strikes will be possible again at any time,” said Nicoley Baublies. “What we’ve seen is that no matter what you do, you just can’t reach a resolution with this management,” he added, to which the crowd chanted “We are Lufthansa!”.
Lufthansa says the strikes cost it around €10 million a day, with a total of 4,700 flights cancelled and 550,000 passengers affected.
Reuters, AP, dpa