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Chef Petter Nilsson in action at the Spritmuseum Restaurant (photo: Anders Jorgensen / Spritmuseum)

‘Future of food and drink’ experience in Stockholm

A “fun and exciting” exhibition revealing what food and drink will be like in 30 years will be open for most of 2019.

Visitors to Stockholm will be able to take a step into the world of future foods and drinks during 2019 when a new exhibition opens in the city centre.

Between February 7 and November 30 next year, Spritmuseum will host The Future of Food & Drink, an exhibition for anyone curious to learn about what we will be eating tomorrow, how to prepare for the future of food, and why food matters to the climate.

While promising to answer such questions as, will Swedish meatballs still be on the menu, or will leftover salad, lab milk and insect burgers be part of our daily diet, the museum says the “fun and exciting” displays will be about future visions, health trends and climate-friendly cuisine.

“This exhibition is important to everyone, and that’s why we have chosen to include material for younger visitors – children and young people – the people who actually represent the future,” says Spritmuseum director Ingrid Leffler.

Sci-fi food
Spritmuseum, or the Museum of Spirits, is dedicated to alcohol and food and is located on Djurgårdsvägen. It is open every day, as is its in-house bar, while its restaurant is open from Thursday to Saturday.

The future-food exhibition will look at contemporary health trends and also take a look back at the science fiction food visions of the 1950s while having a go at predicting how foodstuffs and the world itself will look 30 years into the future.

Food has become an identity and a lifestyle, the museum says, and yesterday’s prophets could not have imagined that today we would be photographing our food before digging in.

The theme of the exhibition will also be reflected in the museum’s programmes and restaurant menus, so that visitors will be able to sample the foods and drinks of the future. Spritmuseum promises “a provocative exhibition with an optimistic view of the future” and “a poetic temporal journey through the realm of food and drink”.

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