Geologists fear collapse of Pulpit Rock

Norway’s famous promontory has a crack in it
Geologists are intensifying their monitoring of a crack in Norway’s famous cliff formation Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, fearing it could collapse into the Lysefjord below, causing a tidal wave.
The Geological Survey of Norway is concerned about a gap half-a-metre wide in the popular tourist attraction that has been a worry since 1930. Bolts are already in place on the crack, which is several metres deep, to measure any movement.
These measurements show that the gap has widened by two to three millimetres – the first recorded change in 22 years. The geologists will now scan the cliff from different angles, take high-resolution photos from a helicopter and make 3D models of the surface.
The investigators say that existing measurements of the crack may be inaccurate but that if any danger of collapse is found they will install permanent measuring equipment.
Stavanger Aftenblad / NTB / The Local

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