German tourists die on Nordic glacier

Couple killed in accident witnessed by children

In an accident witnessed by their children, a German couple have died in an accident at the Nigardsbreen glacier in Luster in Sogn & Fjordane. They were part of an organized tour of around 30 people.

“After the tour they went back and were then hit by ice as the glacier calved,” a police spokesman said, referring to glacial calving, a process where chunks of glaciers break off at the edges. The children, aged eight and ten, were not physically hurt themselves.

The police said that the couple may have entered an area at the glacier where visible signs warn of danger. Nigardsbreen is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier.

“I expected this to happen,” glacier tour leader Bjørnar Bjørhusdal said. “A lot of people, especially tourists, choose to ignore both the barricades and the warnings.”

NTB/The Local

[pictured: Nigardsbreen; photo by Thierry Gschwind]