Germanwings pilot rehearsed crash on outbound flight

Experts investigating crash say pilot rehearsed fatal descent
Experts investigating the Germanwings crash on March 24 say that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who is suspected of deliberately crashing his aircraft into the French Alps, rehearsed the fatal descent on the previous outbound flight.
Changes in the autopilot settings, rehearsing those that crashed the plane just a few hours later, would not have been noticeable as the aircraft was already descending.
“I can’t speculate on what was happening inside his head. All I can say is that he changed this button to the minimum setting of 100 feet, and he did it several times,” said Remi Jouty, director of France’s accident investigation agency the BEA.
The BEA will issue a final report, after about a year, which may include recommendations on cockpit doors and pilots’ medical records.
[pictured: Crash site, March 24; wikimedia]

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