Germany’s Steigenberger rebrands to expand

Company will now be known as Deutsche Hospitality
Germany’s Steigenberger Hotel Group revealed a new name, logo and brand strategy on yesterday’s opening day of the property trade fair Expo Real, being held in Munich.
Now known as Deutsche Hospitality, the company is hoping to position itself as a global player with the rebrand while maintaining its affiliation to qualities of German hospitality and precision.
“Combining the German word ‘Deutsche’ with the English word ‘Hospitality’, the company’s new name was chosen to make it more accessible in foreign-language markets while retaining the company’s pride in its rich history,” the company explains.
The rebrand further separates the management company from that of its flagship brand Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, allowing it flexibility to introduce new brands to its portfolio and expand.
“Deutsche Hospitality embodies a culmination of German precision and global vision. To give up the name that a company has carried for over 85 years and transition into something different is a very big change,” Puneet Chhatwal, the company’s chief executive, admitted.
“But change is the only constant, and I’m very proud to be a part of this journey, because I believe that the new name is far more powerful, far more global and far more attractive to investors, owners, stakeholders, shareholders, employees and everybody else in the company. The new brand is a vital lever that will unleash dynamism, help us to expand internationally and drive innovation.”
Besides Steigenberger, Deutsche’s hotel brands also includes IntercityHotel and Jaz in the City.
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