Giant natural hot tub forms in Iceland

Pool of hot water discovered near Vatnajökull glacier
A huge natural pool of hot water has been discovered in north-eastern Iceland, a little way north of the Vatnajökull glacier, Europe’s largest ice cap. Suitable for open-air bathing, it was created following last year’s six-month-long Holuhraun volcanic eruption.
The lake constantly changes in shape and volume but covers around 400 to 500 square metres and is up to 40cm deep in places, with temperatures varying between 35C and 40C.
The warm bath is already a hit with visitors. The water comes from the glacier’s floodplains and is heated and filtered as it flows from the steaming lava field before mixing with cold ground water. The water is clear and there are secluded pools, gentle currents and little waterfalls.
The Guardian

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