Goa to launch new travel booking e-portal

Travellers will be able to book agents’ and others’ products
The Goa Tourism Development Corporation will soon be launching a multilingual e-portal for travellers to book tourism products found within India. Agents will also be able to list their products on the site.
A 12-hour call centre and accompanying smartphone app on both iOS and Android platforms will also be made available.
“We are converting our existing website into an e-portal and are on the verge of its rollout. We aim to offer a one-stop shop for tourists looking to book hotels, tour packages or products like hot air ballooning, kayaking and scuba diving,” said Nikhil Desai, the corporation’s managing director.
“We are launching a host of new tourism products in the early part of the year like bungy jumping, segway tours, luxury yachts, heli-tours and heritage boat cruises among others. The portal will offer us a good medium to promote all these new services.”
When asked about the revenue the Goa Tourism Development Corporation expects to generate through the e-portal, Desai said it was too early to speculate.
TTG Asia

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