Gothenburg airport calls for designs for new hotel

Architects to compete in design for hotel at Göteborg Landvetter
A new hotel is planned at Göteborg Landvetter Airport and airport operator Swedavia has announced a project competition to come up with a winning design. The property should be completed in 2019.
The hotel should have up to eight floors and be located by the terminal, close to check-in for flights and a planned rail station. Swedavia says there is currently demand for additional hotel capacity at the airport, and given the forecast growth in air traffic, demand is expected to rise.
The hotel market in Gothenburg is dominated by hotels in the upper midscale and higher segments. Demand for midscale hotels is expected to increase in the long term. Market surveys indicate that there is room for a hotel at the airport offering 150-200 rooms.
“Göteborg Landvetter is the European airport that has added the most new routes over the past year,” says director Charlotte Ljunggren. “Traffic increased from 5.2 million passengers in 2014 to 6.1 million passengers in 2015. With a catchment area for international and charter traffic that covers all of western Sweden, and even up to southern Norway, we see that a new hotel is really needed at Göteborg Landvetter.”
She added: “A new hotel at Göteborg Landvetter will be an option for a family from a town like Skara, located 100 km from the airport, that is flying charter early the next morning. They should be able to arrive the evening before, stay the night and then be close to their flight for the next day’s journey.”
TTG Nordic