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Gothenburg airport passengers can now order groceries

It’s now possible to order food and drink online to be delivered to Göteborg Landvetter and picked up on arrival.

A Swedish chain of grocery stores has begun a trial service where passengers can order groceries online to be delivered to Göteborg Landvetter airport.

The supermarket chain Coop says it is the first such service in Sweden.

The delivery solution allows customers who shop at coop.se to choose to pick up their items at the airport before going home.

“Göteborg Landvetter is an important hub in the Gothenburg region, with a lot of people on the move. Now you can pick up your groceries right after you’ve landed, a service that we at Coop are the first to offer in Sweden,” says Ronnie Wångdahl, managing director of Coop Väst.

The company believes that there are growing demands for flexible delivery solutions for increasing numbers of people in their market who buy groceries online.

The trial service works the same as ordering for home delivery or pick-up at one of Coop’s stores. The customer simply chooses Landvetter as their pick-up point after they have chosen what they want delivered.

Orders can be placed at the Coop website by 23:59 at the latest on the day before the order is to be picked up, which passengers can do Monday to Friday, 16:00 to 19:00.

First phase
During the trial phase of the service, Coop will determine what passengers think of it and how it works with the full range of products it offers.

The next phase may include expansion to other airports in Sweden.

“We are pleased that Coop has chosen Göteborg Landvetter as the first site in Sweden for its launch. This service is something many passengers have asked for in order to avoid coming home to an empty fridge after their trip,” explains Charlotte Ljunggren, director of marketing and commercial business at Swedavia.

“Airports are ideal for launching new set-ups, with more than 19,000 daily passengers a day who are open to trying something new.”

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