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Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen, Gothenburg (photo: Göteborg & Co)

Gothenburg attraction wins architects prize

The new urban destination Jubileumsparken is the winner of a Swedish Architects award for best landscape architecture.

One of Gothenburg’s new attractions, the new Jubilee Park or Jubileumsparken in the former industrial waterside area of Frihamnen, has won a prize awarded to the country’s best landscape architecture.

Sienapriset (Siena Prize) has been awarded each year since 1987 by the organisation Swedish Architects, who this year were stirred by the park’s “inspiring role model for both citizen-driven urban development and innovative sustainability work”.

Jubileumsparken is part of the forthcoming Gothenburg 400th anniversary celebration in 2021 and is designed as a place that brings the city closer to the water.

It is home to the city’s first outdoor roller derby rink, a unique metallic sauna created by the architect group Raumlaborberlin and a new beach with wooden decking.

There is also a floating public pool located along the pier, a saltwater tub and a Berlin-inspired café called Fluss made from recycled materials, open between May and September.

Ideas partnership
“The Siena Prize is a prestigious award. It is especially fun that the Jubilee Park has won since it is a special urban development project where we together with the association Passalen created a meeting place for everyone but especially for young people,” says Jessica Segerlund at the sustainable urban development company Älvstranden Utveckling.

The park is run through an IOP, or ideas-based public partnership, where young people from all districts are hired to manage the operations and develop a meeting place for everyone. Last year, the park welcomed over 80,000 visitors.

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