‘Grab and go’ lifestyle hotel trend

F&B earner is no longer just offering a few wraps and baguettes
Hotels are cashing in on the ‘grab and go’ trend, where fresh, healthy, local food available for passing locals as well as guests brings in additional income.
Food and beverage sales are becoming increasingly important to hoteliers, but while they can become stylish revenue-producers, prices must be kept competitive with neighbouring cafés and restaurants. Hotel grab n’ go has evolved beyond just offering a few wraps and baguettes in a display cabinet.
“With the wealth of lifestyle hotels specifically targeted at millennials, it is no surprise that hotels are focusing on delivering to this demographic,” says Paul Greenwood of the food-and-beverage design consultancy Tricon Foodservice Consultants.
Younger guests are demanding choice, style and convenience. To meet the demand, hotels offer a varied and healthy choice that is convenient and rivals any local café.
Hotel Indigo in Kensington, London, has a complete delicatessen designed as much for locals as for guests. The Rove Downtown Dubai has a mini-market called Zoom. And in Neuwied, Germany, there’s even a Food Hotel, which has food-themed art and guestrooms, several restaurants and a supermarket.
Margins are often low and success comes from location and footfall, but sometimes the success of such a venture can surprise even the hotel owner.
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